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The Duke of Wellington PH

Summer of 2002

Building Works Autumn 2002 - Dining Room / Main Extension

Welcome to our new website - loads to do to it so sorry for the poor showing as yet.

Next job is to put a load of images into 'Our Trip'

If you are about to make a similar trip - with kids - and want any advice please feel free to contact me on:-  Simon@thedukeofwellington (the lack of link is deliberate, hopefully it will put off at least a few spammers)

Then a bit about the 'Duke of Wellington' our home which used to be a pub and was owned by the 'Turner' family from 1790 through until about 1950. We're about to do a whole load of renovations to it - planning permission granted and work about to start.

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We want to do self catering holiday flats, we're right in the centre of the North Downs with fantastic views all the way to the sea in one direction, otherwise farmland all round. Our friends in Germany do the same already as do our other friends in Italy.

Other links I am working on based on many photos taken while exploring the parts of Egypt that most people never see. I believe these will be a unique set of images on the web, I can't find any equivalent sites. The locations are even less accessible now with the current regime of escorts down the Nile.

Mons Claudianus

A Roman City hidden in The Egyptian Eastern Desert 
(to come) A remote temple in the Sinai
(to come) Mud brick Roman City next to the Fayum

(to come) Images of the tombs - much better than the Kings
The Hyde Ingatestone  

Other Dukes of Wellington...

The Duke of Wellington PH in Hastings and in Kingston upon Hull , in Waterloo Ontario in Whitby


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